Master compatibility lines not showing

Hi, hope this is easy.

I duplicated my regular master so I can start a bold master by modifying the contours. Now I am checking the master compatibility but, when I select some nodes, the connecting lines between masters are not showing.

The funny thing is that I opened another file and they work just fine.

I am on Glyphs 2.4.4.

Do you have any instances between the two masters?

Now I have. Problem solved. Thanks!

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I have same problem, I only have two master. I using version 2.6.6

Do you have an instance that is actually interpolating?

This is all my setting, anything more I need to set?

and even I can’t see the connecting lines, it still can export to variable font.

You need to have an instance between 100 and 900 to trigger actual interpolation. Or add the Enforce Compatibility Check custom parameter to the font.