Master Compatibility Report

Hi everybody. I’ve just started to work in Glyphs 3.
I have opened my Glyphs 2 files into Glyphs 3.
I get a report (with the red signage) showing that none of my letter are compatible. However, I do not want them to be compatible. I have a script and a text style in the same file.
No “enforce compatibility check” is activated.
Thanks everybody!

It is on by default. In the Font tab, add a Custom Parameter Enforce Compatibility Check and then deselect the box which appears next to it. It applies to the entire font.

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Thanks for the reply, I had it deactivated as you said. I’m still encountering the same problem.

Do you have any instances defied that are between the masters? You need one instance for each master with exactly the same settings.

Yes, I have generated my two instances. The font exports just fine, but Glyphs is still showing a compatibilité problem with red signage.

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

File has been sent