Master compatibility shown in a strange way

Some glyphs show the master compatibility in a strange way:

should be like this:

What am I doing wrong?


Do you have the same instances as in the upright font?

Should the bracket layers in the italic include Italic in their names, e.g., Light Italic [110] instead of Light [110]? The bracket layer names are supposed to include the Master layer name. Perhaps try renaming your bracket layers to match?

Hi Georg,

I copied the upright version of this glyph into another file, then made it ‘italic’.
Could this be the problem?

That is a good find.
I just removed the reliance on the names. The brace layers never needed that. Now you only have to make sure that the bracket layer is in the right group.

But for now, you need to match the names.

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Works. Awesome - THX!