Master, layer, instance how to export when no need for interpolation

I was wondering how I can manage this family in Glyphs with Master and Instance
I’ve try to find it in the forum but didn’t find

see this Image to understand my situation : 54&oid=114132548801313435363 clic on zoom in

in My REGULAR layer : containing a letterform and a shadow
layer CORE : containing only the letter form
layer SHADOW: containing only the shadow of the letter
I have no need of interpolation.

I want to export these font in one shot, the 3 .otf files

Also I have no clue for Diactrics component which is always the REGULAR layer

the way I’m set that doesn’t work, Anybody know how to sort it out ? or link me to an answer
(see pic)

Thank in advance

You should have added three more masters and add the outlines to them. So either add the layers now and copy the outlines over or write a script to do than.

On how to set up a layer font. Please read: