Master to Stylistic Set


I’m working on a script typeface with several masters. I need to be able to select one letter in the middle of a word in my design app, and change the weight without losing my calt features.

The only way I can think for doing it is to use stylistic sets instead of weights because selecting a different font automatically break the connections.

What could be the better way for copying a whole master and paste it as an stylistic set in another master (considering both masters share component names)?


You need to write a script to do that.

I’m horrible at scripting, but it has been quite easy in the end.

  • I saved a copy of my file and deleted masters keeping the one I wanted to use as Stylistic Set.
  • Then, select all glyphs and Find & Replace “” by “.ss01”
  • I duplicated the master for each master in my original file.
  • Select all glyphs, copy and paste in the original file.