Masters into instances? (tutorial is outdated)

I have a font with two masters (regular and wide). I want to export both as the two weights (I may try interpolation to other weights in future but just trying to export the hand drawn weights for now.)

The font Info dialog seems to have changed since a Proportions section existed under Masters (Multiple Masters, Part 1: Setting up Masters | Glyphs).

When I try to [+] in Exports with all masters to Instances I get the error that “The masters need different settings for weight, width, or custom values” etc.

How can I set the Proportions in the Masters section in v3.0.2? Thanks.

Where did you get that link? It points to an old staging site.

This is the correct link:
Multiple Masters, Part 1: Setting up Masters | Glyphs

Weird, I got it from the Learn page. No idea how it was the wrong URL. When I look for it now it seems right. Thanks for the pointer/update.

Can you point me to the exact spot where you got the link? (So I can fix it.)

Hm, I can’t seem to find it. I had a bunch of tabs open from clicking around in the tutorials, and that was one of them, so it was linked from somewhere, if not from that main page then maybe from within one of the other tutorial texts?

I’ll keep an eye open. Should you stumble over it again, I’d be grateful if you ping me.

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