Masters with accents

So I have drawn 2 Masters.
I use accents like grave.
Grave component is interpolated.
Letters are interpolated.
But the combination of Letters and Grave are not.

What do I do wrong?
I have tried re-interpolate. No result.

When I decompose letter and accent, it works.
But doesn’t make sense to me. All the advantages of combining letter with umlau, grave, acute are gone this way.
I know there is a way. I am just not clever enough

Still a beginner. Art school has been a while. Those tools have been rudimentary.
Help appreciated. Thank you guys.

You just need to set the anchors.

I started writing out a long explanation, then decided that this explains it better than I can.

Simply, for each glyph, go to the glyph menu/set anchors. It is pretty intuitive. When you import each component it will align the two anchors.

Good luck.

When something is not interpolating, it might be because something is not compatible. Do your composite glyphs have a red bar on top of the ascender?

Thanks. But no.
The parts themselves interpolate fine.
Just the combination doesn’t.

Thank you. But I have ser anchors

Can you show screenshot of all master of one of the composite glyphs? And include the full height of the metrics box.

Thank you for your support. And your quick answers. You guys are great!

Frustrated, I did some procrastination and went back to my font. Right now, it seems to work and I can not reproduce the error.

Exported the font. Seems to work.

Had glyphs 3 crash after export. Sent crash report.

Thanks a lot! Nice comunity

Sometimes the problem shows, then it doesn’t.

So I de-installed most plugins. Now it seems to work stable.