Measuring components

Is there a good reason why the measurement tool and measurement guides don’t measure contours of components (e.g. trying to measure space between component-periods in an ellipsis glyph)? Seems to me it would be more useful if they did.

I occasionally run into situations where it would be helpful to have convenient ways of measuring components and their relationship to other paths. It tends to come up when dealing with accented letters that must be built manually, like Lslash or Ldotaccent. Usually I end up drawing a square and measuring it, but this can get tiresome.

Perhaps instead of components being a gray filled shape they could show a path with nodes that can be selected but not edited.

I can add the measurement of paths of components to the measurement tool. The node selection in components is a bit too complicated (and potentially confusing) for now.

On a somewhat related note, can you make the guide’s “Measurement” tick box check with a click of the word “Measurement” in addition to the tiny little box? I think most Mac u.i. for boxes allows you to click the label or the box.

Fixed the Measurement clicking.

And the component measurement, too.