meemThreedotsabove-ar has the wrong three dots

It should use threedotsupabove-ar not threedotsabove-ar.

What is the difference between the two?

threedotsabove-ar (U+06DB) is a Quranic pause mark, it looks like three dots but is often smaller and gets positioned differently. threedotsupabove-ar is the three dots glyph that other glyphs with three dots above decompose to in Glyphs.

Right, Thanks. But the threedotsabove-ar is still a nonspacing mark?

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Yes, it is. Though the Quranic pause marks are a bit special, since they actually are not affecting the the letter right before them but indicate a pause at this place in the text, so they should be placed higher than other marks. I usually give them a default high enough position and no anchors at all.

jeemThreedotsabove-ar, ghainThreedotsabove-ar, and qafThreedotsaboveAfrican-ar have the same issue.

In general threedotsabove-ar shouldn’t be used for building component glyphs, if the intent is to use smaller three dots, a new glyph should be introduced.