Mekkablue-scripts crash Glyphs

Mekkablue, your scripts from Github are just marvellously useful. Unfortunately many of them instantly crash Glyphs. I installed them correctly and I am not sure if unproperly installed vanilla could be the reason, since some vanilla-using scripts run smoothly.

Is there a debugging log anywhere?

Thanks in advance

Which script?
Which version of Glyphs?

There used to be some problems with lines containing beginUndo() in older versions of Glyphs. You may want to comment out those lines, or update Glyphs to the latest version if that applies to you.

I just saw in the other thread that you use OS X 10.6.8. There seems to be a problem with the Python framework in that system version, and it is easy to trigger app crashes. Unfortunately, I have no 10.6.8 machine to test the scripts on.

My guess is that lines containing undoManager(), disableUpdateInterface(), enableUpdateInterface(), beginUndo(), and endUndo() are more problematic than others. Perhaps you want to remove these lines from a script and see if it still crashes your machine?

thank you, i will try in the next hours and let you know if that works.

if it’s still crashing then, i will go through the scripts an name them.

Or i could get really crazy and update to mavericks. Do you have any clues, if this could be a bad idea for running glyphs?

Glyphs runs just fine on Maverick (I just updated my main machine).


Great. I’ll update it too if it works on Mavericks!

Updated on mavericks …

The scripts run smoothly so far.

Just saw a little bug with the panel: the content of »Kurven Angleichen« (what is ist called in english?) disapeared after minimizing and maximizing again. I can reproduce it, sometimes it needs several clicks, but when it’s gone then forever untill relaunch of glyphs.

Another thing: the OT-Feature selector (german) in the Edit Tab has a little mistake, it says: »Zähler-Fiffern«. Also there is some discontinuity and a mix between english and german amongst the List. Let me know if i may help you with finding an translating.

I notices the disappearing “Fit Curve” panel bug. Can’t properly reproduce it, too.

Thanks for the prove reading. Will fix it.

just tried to work with some scripts on my »old« machine (which has to stay old) and still got these crashes.

for instance the »make tab with letter combos« crashes. there are no lines with »undo« at all. any solutions?

most of the other scripts also crash.

thanks in advance

Please always state the version of Glyphs that crashes, and your OS version.

Scripts that fiddle with the UI (e.g., open tabs) are unstable on 10.6.x. I have no 10.6.x machine for debugging. But if you give me a detailed report which scripts crash reproducibly, I can put an OS version query into the code, and e.g. have the script output to the Macro Window instead, so you can manually copy/paste into a new tab.

You can contact me directly via res at this domain.

I can reproduce the problem with disappearing Fit Curve content. Just collapse/expand the grid part of the Fit Curve Palette (using the second triangle on the left side of the percentage value) few times and the content (the grid of squares as well as the percentage values) will be gone eventually.

oh sorry, of course. it is still OS X 10.6.8 like mentioned by you before. glyphsversion 1.4.2 (554).

i’d like to contact you directly. what do you mean with »via res«?

will then go through some scripts.

res at glyphsapp dot com