Merge Glyphs / support for G3?

Hi forum,

I wanted to know if MergeGlyphs is supporting the latest G3 files?. I find the program very useful for checking versions between files, but I don’t know if it will only be available for use with Glyphs 2 files.

Many thanks for any info about it.

Thanks for the reminder. I uploaded a new version. You probably need to double check the results as there where a lot code changes and so there are probably some bugs here and there.

Hi Georg, does MergeGlyphs only support .glyphs files? I realise the point is less prevalent for .glyphspackage files, but the functionality of seeing outline changes is very useful and I would love to use it with .glyphspackage files.

It should work with .glyphspackage files, too.

Those are greyed out in the file selector, though.

Right. But you can drop them onto the window.