Merge various .glyphs

Hi people - I have a big family exported from FL and I was wondering how to merge all in just one .glyphs file. I am a bit lost with this since I´ve never work with Multiple Masters before. Can you guide me on where to start to achive this?

thanks a lot

If you are talking about all masters, please open fonts that you want to incorporate, go to font info in one of them and Masters tab. You’ll find + button at the bottom left, from which you can add other opening fonts.

Ah seems so easy, thanks Tosche

No problem. I forgot to mention that masters are not something you will see as fonts when you generate it; instances are. After setting up masters (you need to set master values if you want to interpolate, like Regular 100 and Bold 400), then go to Instances tab where you set up the weights you want. Normally you would want masters as is in addition to interpolated weights, which you can do in a similar manner from the + button at the bottom left.

Make sure to go through all tutorials on the site:

Also check out the Glyphs Handbook. I think the new handbook will be available soon, but the older one is still insightful.

@Tosche Yes, thanks for the clarification.
@Realist Thanks, read! yeah will keep it in mind :grimacing:

Quick question, when adding the instances from each Master, it looses their custom parameters settings, is there any way to keep them or maybe copy paste from first instance. thx guys

What custom parameter, for example?

(Please note that many of the parameters you can use in Fonts, Masters, Instances are different and independent. See handbook for more information.)

Awesome, this is what I wanted to know > Instance parameters override all master and font settings and parameters. :smiley: