MergeGlyphs “Display rules” feature request

Hello everybody,

I recently had to implement a few additional characters into a Glyphs file. For this I wanted to use MergeGlyphs, but it got a bit messy since the program (as it should) showed all the missing data in the small addition file as well.

Would it be possible to add some kind of filter option to only show “missing/present in left/right”?

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When working on a font project contains many glyphs such as Latin, Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji (JIS Level 1, Level 2 etc.) and symbols, I would like to check and merge the subset fonts for each project member designed.

As arialcrime describes, the display option such as "missing/present in left/right” and also “present in both” would be very useful.

Present in both? Why?

It’s much easier to compare the shared glyphs (in rather bigger font).

We often modify the glyph shapes according to the client’s request, and I could use the filter “missing in left/right” for checking the client’s additional/extended glyphs and “present in both” for if the standard (Adobe-Japan1, JIS, U-PRESS, etc.) glyphs are modified or not.