Mess with custom glyph names

I’ve run into one issue about glyph names. We in Paratype have a lot of historic stuff including our own glyph naming standard. I’m a long-time Glyphs user and I’m used to Glyphs’ nice names, but I need to output UFOs with our PT names. At the moment, we’re relying on FontLab 7 mass-renamer and hand-checking.

I’d like to stay in Glyphs on this stage as well. And even if I’ll create a custom glyphData with our own productionNames, the non-unicode glyphs like stylistic alternates and ligatures will stay untouched on export. Even if I’ll create another custom glyphData with our own Names, the non-unicode glyphs will stay untouched on mass update glyph info.

Is there any way out of this situation besides manual renaming? Also I’d like to keep using the auto-feature stuff, but when the names are wrong, this wouldn’t work.

You can set the production in the .glyphs file itself. Select a glyph and hit Cmd+Option+i. Or do it with a script. Python Scripting API Documentation — Python Scripting API 3.0 documentation