Metainfo.plist missing on UFO export

Version 2.4.1 (965)

Some UFOs seem to be exported incomplete, while some from the same project export fine. Anything that can be done with this?

Can you reproduce this with the current beta 972?

It should show an error when there is a problem with writing the Metainfo.plist file. Can you send me a .glyphs file that has that problem?

File sent to support address just now. Mekka, I haven’t tried that version. Is there a download page with different versions listed?

Make sure Glyphs > Preferences > Updates > Cutting Edge is on, and run Glyphs > Check for Updates…

Yes yes, but in case I have to go back to one I’m currently using.

After an update, the version you have been using is moved to the Trash. So you can get it from there again. Or you reconstruct the download link:

Simply recycled from the trash? Good to know, thanks!

Did my email reach you today, @GeorgSeifert ?

Yes. I’ll have a look tomorrow.

This bites me, too, sometimes. The layercontents.plist file also likes to be missing, causing load failures in Trufont/defcon.

The layercontents.plist file is only present in UFO3. Glyphs does write UFO2.

Unfortunately, Glyphs doesn’t seem to change the version number on export. Load a UFO v3 and export it again, the metainfo.plist still says version 3. I attached my version 3 UFOs, import and export them to see what happens. (19.6 KB)

This should work fine in the latest cutting edge version.