Metrics and intermediate layers


I have a question about intermediate layers in Glyphs and interpolating metrics (LSB and RSB). When I adjust an intermediate layer, it often alters the initial LSB and RSB values created with the new layer. Moreover, having incorrect sidebearings at one point on the continuum results in more incorrect sidebearings at other intermediate points. How do I ensure that intermediate metrics are correct relative to both extremes?


There is a “Interpolate Metrics” in the layer panel in the gear button.

I am aware. What I was trying to say is that some of my intermediate metrics are being re-interpolated from other incorrect intermediate metrics. Does that make sense?

If one intermediate layer has incorrect metrics it influences others when re-interpolating. I want to fix all of them.

That was a typo. It was supposed to say Re-Interpolate Metrics.

Thank you. Do you know if there is a way to fix the issue I described? I have more than one intermediate layer with incorrect metrics that impact each other when I right-click on one and choose “Re-Interpolate Metrics.” I want to make sure all intermediate metrics are interpolated correctly.

On the same glyph, you can choose multiple layers and reinterpolate their metrics in one go. Perhaps you need a few reiterations. Or if possible, consider metrics keys and sync those.

Ah! I see. If I understand you correctly, the “Re-Interpolate Metrics” option accessible from the icon at the bottom of the layers panel will re-interpolate metrics for any intermediate layers selected. Moreover, It should re-interpolate according to both ends of an axis, correct?

Not sure. You may need to repeat a few times