Metrics info in text mode

When I am in text mode, I practically never want to see the metrics info. I mean the little bracets and figures. Is anyone really using this information?

I’d prefer if I cold either

  • show/hide metrics independently for text and edit (selection) mode
  • set the threshold for auto-hiding the metric information in text mode.


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Cmd-Shift-M too tedious?

Yes, because I’d have to do it every time I switch between text and select mode, which is very frequent.

Try TextModeNumbersThreshold in the latest betas, default is 100. Sample code:

Glyphs.intDefaults["TextModeNumbersThreshold"] = 300
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Yay, excellent! Works like a charm. Thanks so much. You guys are the best.

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I tried
Glyphs.intDefaults["TextModeNumbersThreshold"] = 300
but it does not seem to produce any change. I see numbers starting from 150 pt :frowning:

Version 2.4.1 (976)

What is your upm? Is it possible to be ~2000?

==2000 so should I multiply my [value]*ump since Glyphs will do it on its own? :wink: