Minus not working?

The minus glyph simply doesn’t work even though I’ve added it:

But when I type “-” in Glyph mini it simply doesn’t do anything - if I export the font it falls back to the default font of the whatever program I’m in.

Any ideas?

How do you type the minus? You might have typed a ‘hyphen’.

I use the minus on the numeric keypad of the keyboard.

Do you have a ‘hyphen’ glyph in your font? can’t test it right now but I’m pretty sure that the ‘minus’ key is actually a ‘hyphen’ key.

Most keyboard layouts do not support the minus. Only hyphen, endash and emdash. To see if it is there you can copy and paste it from Glyphs into InDesign.

Yes that was it! Thanks so much for the quick reply!