Mirroring Cap Components


I’m currently working on a flared serif typeface and have been experimenting with different methods of drawing terminals and finials. I’m trying to keep things as consistent as I can and the best way I seem to have found of doing that so far is by using Cap Components. The only problem is I keep running into inconsistencies when it comes to mirroring.

As shown in the video below, I can mirror a Cap Component added to the letter a, but can’t mirror a Cap Component added to the letter e without causing the original paths to distort.

Mirroring Cap Components - Video on Dropbox

If anybody can help with this or perhaps advise on a better approach to drawing consistent terminals and finials, it would be hugely appreciated!



That is broken. I have a look and try to fix it. For now, you can duplicate the cap and mirror it.

Ok, cool. Cheers, Georg!