Missing Chinese characters in exported font

I making a Chinese font. After export I found that some character are missing.

I check that the glyph are existing in glyphs file, their unicode are correct but can’t use my font to that characters (Replace by other font), I open the font in Glyphs and seen they are sit in there, but just can’t use it.

My system is 10.13.6 and I have re-build the font cache
Glyphs.app version is 2.6.4(1286)

I can mail you the .glyphs file and .otf file

How are you testing your font. It might be a cache problem: https://www.glyphsapp.com/tutorials/eliminating-font-cache-problems

I already rebuild the font cache by restart the mac with press the “shift” key and restart again as normal. No luck!

Had try the Adobe way too, no luck

The I need both files.

Send to which email?

Support at this domain

Sent :slight_smile:

Any good news?

The restrictions in Font Info > Font prevent access to some characters. Review the following settings:

  • Unicode Ranges (can be removed altogether)
  • Codepage Ranges (can be removed altogether)
  • ROS

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I reset the Unicode Ranges and delete Codepage Ranges & ROS solve the problem. But without ROS, my font in Adobe apps’s font menu with go to English font and not Chinese font. Is there any solution?

And one strange thing is, with ROS (same setting), different font will missing different characters, it looked odd

Different ROSes have different coverages. You can try a different ROS or live with a drawback (either not listed in the right part of the menu or not have access to some glyphs).