Missing Fonts alerts

While testing fonts with Adobe CS6 … an alert always comes up indicating "Missing Fonts"
Especially when rewriting the file (Exported to the FONT Folder)
Re launching Adobe CS software and System rebooting as an attempts to clean Cash memory does not resolve the alert.
Could it be a Font management utility that de-synchronize with the Adobe-Fonts folder ?
(I’m using FontExplorer)
BTW … this keeps coming up with several previous Glyphs versions.

You mean this message comes up while you export the font? Never happened to me. Do you remove the font from the fonts folder before you export (don’t do that).

Never removing the fonts from the Adobe Fonts folder;
By exporting it re-writes them;
But the alert shows when I re-open the files which I’m testing the fonts with (it could be Indesign or Illustrator).

So you say the dialog shows up when you open the doc not when you write the font? Then you might have a messed up document. I have some that ask for the font every time even through it is there.