Missing Glyph when using Font in MS Word

I noticed that when I’m exporting my font the capital P is missing. But only if I use the Font in MS Word. All Adobe Programs work fine. Its also missing in the Quick view in Finder App (Mac).

Any clue?

I’d try Glyph-Update Glyph Info on the letter P.
If it doesn’t help, create a copy of the missing P letter, delete the original P, create a brand new P. Copy paths from P.001 to the newly created P. Delete P.001 or make sure it’s not exported.

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Can you check if the path is there only once? It might be doubled up and that can cause problems.
Or it is a font cache problem (Eliminating Font Cache Problems | Glyphs).

There must have been a mistake in the Paths… I built up the whole letter from scratch again and now it works :slight_smile: Thank you guys!