Missing info panel for TT diagonals

The little panel for selecting stems seems to be missing for diagonal instructions.

Selecting a diagonal instruction: no panel

Selecting a stem instruction: panel

The point of the diagonal hint is to make horizontal jumps in pixels rather than subpixels, to have a more uniform diagonal growth. There is no need to assign a stem to it. Perhaps in this case you don’t need a diagonal hint at all.

pixels rather than subpixels

The other way around? In any case, you appear to be contradicting the Glyphs manual.

A Diagonal instruction tries to replicate the jumps in thicknesses of a specified horizontal stem. Thus, the relative thicknesses of diagonals and horizontals.


Link it to a horizontal stem width in the grey Info Box (Cmd-Shift-I).

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Oh I see, that is either not implemented yet or a mistake in the manual :smile:

Can I get a clarification whether this is a mistake or if it isn’t implemented yet?

This is a bug. I’m currently working on the hinting so I’ll fix this.

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This fix was promised in Nov '15, but is not implemented yet. When can it be expected?

Fixed it. Thanks for the reminder.