Miter or angle corner filter?

Is there a way to programmatically create angled corners instead of doing it manually (make square, rotate 45, subtract shape)? I can’t figure out how to do this without manually subtracting shapes for every corner. I was thinking maybe a custom corner component, but I believe if I put an angled corner on top of the rounded corner, the rounded corner would extend beyond the angled corner.

Here is what I’m wanting to do. Notice the rounded corners in the first image and the angled ones in the second image.

Thank you!

Have you considered a corner component?

I was thinking maybe a custom corner component, but I believe if I put an angled corner on top of the rounded corner, the rounded corner would extend beyond the angled corner.

No, you would put the whole thing, rounded plus straight segments, into one corner component.

Here’s what I mean when I said that the rounded corner would extend too far if I placed an angled corner component on top of the rounded character.

Looks like I could overlay the rounded corner on top of the angled corner and it would fully cover the character. Unfortunately I started with the rounded font and I’m almost done :frowning:

Another option would be to remove the corner on the rounded font and use 2 components for both round and angled?

not a regular component. A “corner component”:

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Thank you! I’m playing with that feature now. Not sure exactly how to get the result I want, but it looks like it may work.

After reading that part of the manual, it sounds like I may need to a use a cap component (component that spans 2 points)?

Now that I know about corner components, I’m not sure what you mean by this. Would I put both the rounded corner and the angled corner into one component? How would that work?

Can you send me the file? I’ll show you.

Two corner components. One just the rounding and one with the cut and its roundings.

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That is really helpful thank you! That gives me an idea for the small rounded corners. How would you implement the big rounded corner in my screenshot above? The same way? Is the “base” glyph just a square corner?

The big rounded corner is shown in the first screenshot on the left.


Sorry for the confusion, I meant this big rounded corner in the top left of this screenshot that is not angled.

For some context, I’m making 2 styles of this font, ‘rounded’ and ‘cut’


To convert your outlines to a corner component structure, assuming you have _corner.large and _corner.small for your rounded corners:

  1. Open a glyph for editing.
  2. Select existing roundings (or simply all with Cmd-A).
  3. Filter > Make Corner (find the plug-in in Window > Plugin Manager)
  4. Paths > Tidy Up Paths to get rid of superfluous points.
  5. Select all corner points for small roundings, right click, Add Corner, choose _corner.small.
  6. Select all corner points for large roundings, right click, Add Corner, choose _corner.large.

To have both instances:

  1. Duplicate your large _corner glyph and rename it to _corner.largeCut
  2. Adjust _corner.largeCut, make sure you keep the path direction.
  3. In File > Font Info > Instances, add a new instance, call it, e.g., Cut.
  4. In the new Cut instance, add a custom parameter Rename Glyphs with the value: _corner.largeCut=_corner.large

This will swap the corner shapes for that instance. Effective at export. Preview in the preview area at the bottom (the one that opens via the eye symbol in the lower left), or with the Show Interpolations plug-in (see Plugin Manager).

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Wow, I think that will greatly improve my workflow, by adding the custom parameter. This has helped a ton. @mekkablue @GeorgSeifert, as always thank you so much for the help.

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You’re welcome! Reading tip:

Hi all, the corner component system has been working great. I got almost all of my corners using components. When I started work this morning I opened up my file, and it appears that a lot of the corners got removed or switched. Not sure what happened. I’m pretty sure it looked fine when I stopped working last night. It seems to be affecting every glyph that I used a corner component in.

One strange thing is that some corners were removed, but in its place, a label appears that reads “_corner01” (different number for each corner). @GeorgSeifert have you seen this before? Here is the file if you’d like to take a look: (174.5 KB)


You can’t save as a .ufo. It doesn’t support corner components. I would recommend to always store as .glyphs files (it is much faster and has better autosave). And only if you really need, export as .ufo.

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Should I be worried about the “_corner” label appearing on some but not all the corners? Even after saving as a .glyphs file and adding a corner component it’s still there.


I just worried that it will somehow affect exporting and treat the corners without a label differently somehow. Other than that, it’s just sort of an annoyance and makes me think my file is not “clean”.