MM Interpolation Interface / Feature Request / Extension Request

Hi Everyone,

here is a little proposition for a new multiple masters interpolation window …

If you leave the parameter thing aside the ›Master-Mode‹ is technically really simple to implement… the hardest thing is to code the interface for it :wink:

And something for the future with ufo3 and ›metapolater-like‹ tools

What do you think?

finally I start to use the forum and not spaming your email account :wink:

And here is the interpolation snippet:


PS: it doens’t necessarily need to be in the basic installation, an extension would be awesome

I probably shoud do a more cleaned up version of the first one without the more complex parametric thing.

Even though simple ›parameters‹ as spacing, kerning, x-Interpolation, y-Interpolation could get implemented without any hassle (I think)

I couldn’t help myself I had to do a better version of the parametric-mode window (the previous one was too much master interpolation thinking)