Modified font, how to credit original authors in license?

Hi, i am working on a type experiment, i am modifying a font released under the Open Font License (OFL), the modifications are mostly (a lot of) custom ligatures.

Now i want to release it under a new name, how do i correctly credit the original authors in the font info? So, what do i put under: Designer, Vendor, Copyright, etc.?


Perhaps @jvgaultney knows?

Hi - you need to be sure to retain the original copyright info and then add your own to that in the copyright field. That’s the most basic way you can credit the copyright holder. You can also update other fields - designer, designer URL, etc. - to add your info. The principle is that you shouldn’t remove the original author’s info - just add yours in addition. For vendor you should put your info so they know where this version of the font came from.

You can (and should) add info to the FONTLOG.txt file, if there is one. See the OFL-FAQ section 6 for more into, and Appendix A for an example. Hope that helps! - Victor


Thank you very much, that is exactly what i needed to know!

Hi everybody,
my type experiment has been released — thanks again for your help. I had a lot of fun working on modifiying the original font (Courier Prime Sans) and going crazy with ligatures .


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