Monospace font

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one Question.

What´s the easiest way to get good settings for a Monospace font?
Is there a Filter/Funktion which automates the settings for Right
and leftside Bearing that glyphs have the same space in between?

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Just select all glyphs and set the width to the same value. You can use the info box in the bottom left corner. Then you have to move the glyphs outlines to the visual center of the bounding box.

There is no automatic way for doing this. Only the Filter > Transform > Metrics can help a bit adjusting the spacing.

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thanks a lot for your reply. This helps a lot.

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I’ve tried this. But after I input my spacing, they change to a close approximate. In other words, if I input 100 it changes to 99.46 for random glyphs.

I understand it might be the actual size of the character and GlyphsApp is trying to compensate, but is there a way to override this?

I’m working on a Monospaced font for web, and I need all the characters to have exactly the same width and spacing. Am I totally lost here? Or am I just missing something?

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If you change the width and not the side bearings it should always keep the correct value.
If the side bearings have fractional values this is most likely because you have a italic font or some extreme points are not set correctly. Can you show a screen shot of one of the misbehaving glyphs?