Monospaced fonts: `spacing: 100` property

Linux users complain that fonts without the spacing property that is set for 100, aren’t recognized as monospaced.

I didn’t find any custom property with spacing in Glyphs. Does someone know how to set it up in the font?

Have you set the isFixedPitch parameter? I don’t know what the “spaceing” setting refers to.

Yes. But not in Glyphs—I still have some mess with the widths of _part glyphs and also the font is variable. I made a script that sets isFixedPitch=1 in compiled otfs/ttfs. Anyway Linux keeps treating those fonts as proportional.

Then set the “panose” values, too. It was mentioned in the goole fonts issue.

This is set up:

And make sure all glyphs have the same width. Disabled the outliners for now.
And try to figure out what the ‘spacing’ values is referring to.

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