Monterey Keyboard Shortcuts

Hi, since installing MacOS Monterey, my keyboard shortcuts that use numbers changed how they work. I’m on SK keyboard, so for instance the Cmd+1 or Cmd+2 for switching between masters were actually Cmd++, Cmd+ľ, but they worked and switched the masters. Now, on Monterey, hitting Cmd+1 (Cmd++) does View > Zoom In and Cmd+2 (Cmd+ľ) switches to the 2nd master as before, because that shortcut is not assigned anywhere else.

This is a system-wide issue though, not limited to Glyphs — I can make it work by adding Shift to the shortcut, but this only works for shortcuts with just the Cmd, so for instance Cmd+(Shift+2) in Illustrator works, but Cmd+Alt+(Shift+2) does not.

I can’t find anything about this online, so I though that someone here could be able to help. Thank you!

Right now, I don’t seem to be able to do much. There are some issues like this with the German keyboard even in Xcode.