More than 3 axes?

Iā€™m aware that this topic could appear before, but I think it is good time to ask about it again: specially, when Variable Fonts are hot topic.
As a matter of fact: question is something between feature-request and demand :slight_smile:
Is there going to be easy and friendly way to add 4th (custom) axis?
If I understand correctly, the whole fun with Variable Fonts is based on creative / wise usage of design spaces.
So: more axes = more design spaces = more wicked options in variable fonts.

Not currently.

Any plans for more axes? We will need it pretty soon.

Glyphs currently can handle 5 axes. The two extra can be controlled with scripts.

How can I hack via coding into those 2 axes?
Do you know about any script or plugin which allows to display instances of those two extra axes?
Thanks in advance for reply

Try master.custom1() and master.setCustom1_(), and the same thing with 2: