Move components to a specific coordinate

There’s probably a a way to do this, but I just can’t find it.
How can I move these components to this coordinate (0, 160) all at the same time?

(In the transform panel I’m just able to translate X or Y, but it’s relative to its actual position)

I’m not sure there’s a built-in way to calculate different shift values to bring several components to the same coordinates if the sources are not positioned consistently already, but that would be a pretty simple script.
In your specific case assuming you make your denominators with components from superiors, aren’t those aligned already?

Yes, that’s the way I do it @joachimvu (properly align the superior or inferior and then I just translate to the Y position I want).

But sometimes I’m just doing QA so when I find inconsistencies, I feel it could be faster if I could just move them all together to a coordinate, instead of do that process (duplicate sup, change name, translate to Y position).

I’ll see if my python skills allow me to develop this script. :joy: Well, print that info would be already a helpful tool for me.

This is a good opportunity to lern to write a few lines of python code.

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