Moving anchor doesn't effect component

The software has been acting strange lately. When changing certain anchors’ positions, it doesn’t affect the component’s position.

I’m using the latest 3238.

I tried opening it with an older version and it does move.


Can you try the latest cutting edge version.

Still not working
bug.glyphs (24.8 KB)

Edit: I didn’t see the new update. It is working now.
I have the same problem.
Changing the position of the anchor directly in the diacritic does not work. Changing the position of the anchor in the letter works.

Saved it as a new file and now it’s working fine.

Same here in 3238.

Please update to 3239.

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Had the same problem with 3.2 (3240) just now. Seems normal after a restart.

Edit: happened again. Fix needed.

Happened to me too (3240).
When saving as a new file it’s ok but the problem keep returning.

I just uploaded 3241. This should fix it.

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So far it’s working great. Big thanks!