Moving code points for a giant pile of glyphs

Hello all –

Does Glyphs have a function similar to hacking FontLab’s encoding files? I have a giant chunk of glyphs I need to move to PUA in a font I am working on.

Thanks –

There’s a script for that in my GitHub repo. Look under glyph names.

Sweet! That looks like it’ll do exactly what I need. Thanks very much!


Whoops: error when running. I had selected ~675 glyphs.

Actually, it turns out I need a script that’s slightly different anyway: I need to preserve gaps in the original list of IDs. Eg. if I have a list that goes 0x1F300-ox1F310, 0x1F313, 0x1F315 I need to shift the Unicodes by a set amount so that the gaps in that range remain.

I don’t suppose you have a script like that, do you? :slight_smile:

Solved my own problem. Schönes Wochenende!


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