Moving crashing plugins

Hi Glyphs team,

I would like to suggest a feature that moves crashing plugins into a new folder that is not-readable, or to have a feature that creates a list of the crashing plugins.

Glyphs updates can trigger some failures in the plugins, which need to be reinstalled to be resolved. The issue is that keeping track of which plugins that need to be replaced can be difficult at times. Having a feature like this would make it much easier to resolve the issues with the plugins.

Thanks for listening!

That is already implemented. When a plugin crashes at the startup, there will be a dialog when you restart Glyphs. It has a Remove button. For plugins that crash while Glyphs is running, it isa bit more complicated. I try to catch as man plugin crashes. Separating the plugins in a way that they can’t crash the app any more would be prohibitive slow.

Do you have a problem with a specific plugin? Do you get error messages (e.g. in the macro panel)?