MS Office Word AutoCorrect changing my fonts to default!

Hello All,

There is an issue with my fonts !
when I use autocorrect in MS Word my font is changed to default system font times new roman ( please see images). witch is not happened with other fonts.

Is that issue because something are missing in my fonts or the issue in MS Office ?

This can happen if you are missing some glyph in your font. That can be a control character or anything unrelated.

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Make sure the full Win1252 encoding is in your font, as well as nbspace and the zerowidthjoiner and zerowidthnonjoiner glyphs.

I am not sure what the added conditions are for Arabic. Anything missing from the sidebar lists?

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Thank you Georg and mekkablue

I added Win1252 encoding glyphs to my glyphs map as empty glyphs ( because my font is Arabic )
now autocorrect works fine ! :slight_smile:

but I faced another issue that the font name is not shown in MS Office Work fonts list. ( please see the image )

Is that because I added empty latin glyphs?

Yes. Consider adding shapes of an open source font.

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thanks mekkablue :rose:

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