MS Validator error: E1112 Composite Maximal deviation=2(FU)

Hello again,

When I generate ttfs with Glyphsapp, Ms Validator will often report composite glyphs have the E112 error “Bounding box is incorrect Glyph index 38, Composite Maximal deviation=2(FU)”

The help file for this error, mentions the following:

Bounding box is incorrect

The bounding box value for the indicated glyph does not agree with the bounding box dimensions defined by the control points at the extremes of the glyph contours. For a composite glyph, the calculation is performed after transformation has been applied to each components of the glyph. This problem may be caused by the font creation tool incorrectly using off-curve control points to calculate the bounding box, or by including side-bearing values.

To replicate, check any ttf from using the prebuilt Font Validator .dmgs

I also hope you had a fab winter break!

I had a look. The problems are with glyphs that don’t have all extreme points. I see if I can improve that.

edit: this is fixed now.

I was curious if this fix was implemented 2.4.4 (1075) or in a cutting edge release. I am currently getting these errors in 2.4.4 with what seems like the same mechanism.


No, there will be no changes like this in the 2.4 version. It was implemented in beta version for 2.5.

Perfect, thanks. I’ll try it out.

2.5b looks much better, though the CMAP subtables have changed order causing a validation error.

Used to be ordered in the following way PlatID then EncID then Fmt

In 2.5b they are sorted Fmt then PlatID then EncID

I don’t see an error in the validator. Can you send me the fonts from the old version and a new one?