Multiple anchors and multiple instances of a component in a component


I’d like to create a divide glyph (÷) from a minus and two periods.
And I’d like to use anchors to position periods.

So I put two anchors into a minus with names “top” “bottom” and corresponding anchors into a period ("_top" , “_bottom”) but when I move anchors in minus only one period responds in divide glyph. I assume that cannot be done that way.

Or there is a hack? :slight_smile:


In the minus, you need two anchors, e.g. top_1 and top_2. Then you can switch your periods with the anchor symbol in the grey info panel. Hope this helps.


thanks for a tip.

But it doesn’t work with two instances of a same component on the stage. The second added just do not respond to reposition of an anchor. If I only remove the first added - the second starts acting as it should.

Workaround: try it without anchors and position them freely.

Problem is, that the algorithm is intended for letters and marks (accents). I will have a look if I can find a more general and robust solution.

@mekkablue: the point was to use anchors.

Thank You, guys.

My workaround:

  1. add 1st component - it is positioned ok
  2. add 2nd component-it goes anywhere
  3. cut 1st - the 2nd is positioned
  4. paste 1st - it is pasted in place.

I have to repeat 3rd and 4th step every time anchors are repositioned.