Multiple color marks

Is it possible to mark glyphs with multiple colors? Maybe via script?

With which purpose?

I guess ones marks glyphs because they belong to a certain group, and one glyph can belong to several groups, right? For me, for example, I mark composites blue, glyphs with tabular width in yellow. Now how should a mark the glyphs which are composites in tabular width?

Would Layer colours be helpful here, or are you using those for something else? For example, marking the glyph as a component but the layer as tabular width? (also, if you’re not using all the colours for something, can another colour suffice? I use light blue for full component glyphs for example, but purple for full component glyphs with adjustments to metrics)

I wonder if custom filters are more useful? Or use the color more transitionaly in combination with filters. If you need to look at the components, select all and give them a color. If you like to see all tabular glyph, select those and give them the color (remove the color for all first).

Custom Filter are great, but I also want to see the entire character set with all my marks. But true, I could combine Glyphs color and Layer color.

I would say green :slight_smile:

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