Multiple Contextual Alternate glyphs

I need at least two alternate 's’s that substitute automatically. For example. the ‘rs’ would be the default glyph for ‘s’. I have a glyph named s.alt for other letter combinations like ‘bs’. My problem is the ‘ws’ ‘vs’ and the ‘os’ need a second alternate. I already have a dlig for the ‘ss’ combination and would like to avoid creating two more dligs for the 'ws and ‘os’ and ‘vs’ as these three combinations could be easily handled with a single calt rule. How do I create a second alt glyph for a glyph that already has an .alt?

I think I’ve solved this. It’s a syntax issue. If you name the second alt something like s_one.alt it works fine.

  1. The underscore is reserved for ligatures.
  2. The name part before the dot should indicate the character.

So I suggest you pick a better suffix. There is no rule that says there can only be .alt as a suffix. So what about .alt.ovw or .alt.topconnect?

Thanks for the tip mekkablue. However, that generates an error when I try to compile my features. s_one.alt worked fine as a contextual alternate. Also, when I name the glyph .alt.topconnect the program places the glyph in the “other” category. Not sure what that means. here’s what I’m seeing

I meant it as a suffix: s.alt.topconnect. The part before the first dot should indicate the character, in this case the s.

Please read this:

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Thanks again. the article was very helpful and it does indeed work just as you said.

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