Multiple cursive anchor pairs

I remember being told that Glyphs 3 supports multiple exit/entry anchor pairs, e.g. (IIRC) exit_1/entry_1, exit_2//entry_2, and so on.

I can’t find where I got this advice and I can’t get it to work, I tried exit_1/entry_1, exit.1/entry.1, and exit1/entry1, but I can’t get them to work in the edit preview (entry/exit work fine). They work in the exported font, but I need them to work in the preview to be able to edit them.

Also, if two glyphs have more than one cursive anchor pair, which pair takes priority?

You might be looking for a contextual anchor. It’s *entry.2 for example, and you need to specify the context at the bottom right of the palette. The syntax is like this * meem-ar.medi where the asterisk stands for the current glyph. At least it works for diacritics but I haven’t for cursive attachment anchors.

Thanks, that is one possible solution (if it works), though I find contextual anchors in Glyphs cumbersome to use.

I’m thinking of a simpler solution, though. If the generated lookups are ordered in a predictable order, the later lookups would override the earlier ones. I just tested generating the font, and indeed, exit/entry lookup comes first, then exit_1/entry_1, so if a glyph has both the later wins.

So the only issue now if that Glyphs does not preview these anchors.

You need to use a dot suffix, instead of the underscores (those are used for ligature to mark anchors).

I tried that already, it does not work in the edit view inside glyphs.

I exports the curs feature for both anchors. Can you send me an example file and a string that should show the different connection points?

Here is a font RaqqText.glyphs (138.1 KB)

The glyphs fehDotless-ar.init.yeh and noonghunna-ar.fina have both exit/entry and exit.feh/entry.feh. The edit view looks like this (even after I remove exit and entry and leave only exit.feh and entry.feh) :

But the exported font looks as expected (the .feh anchors are applied):