Multiple #entry anchors possible?

Is it possible to use multiple #entry anchors? I have tried #entry_1, and it is selectable in the info panel, but does not work…

Just use a different character at the beginning. Like &entry

I did not know this, and to reiterate, I can have several sets of entry and exit that work as the normal #entry & #exit as long as they have some other symbol prefix?

Wasn’t there something like, #entry.two?

We always show the #prefix as this is the easiest to type on a German keyboard. It should even work with all (most) chars below 0xffff.



Something that c/should go into the handbook :nerd_face:

Can I follow up on this?

I have one glyph with an #exit anchor. I have another glyph with an #entry anchor. I would like to add a second entry anchor, such as #entry.2, so that I can choose which entry anchor I want to attach the component with.

I also tried &entry, but that doesn’t work, either. Is there something I’m missing?

The ability to link an arbitrary anchor to arbitrary anchor would make out life much easier. Don’t know why that function was removed (it used to be possible).