Multiple identical (cyrillic) glyphs in Font

I started a font with cyrillic glyphs in version 2.4, now I updated to 2.5. When I add Bulgarian, Serbian and Ukrainian glyphs, I get many glyhps identical twice or three times in the font, like for example ge-cy, ge-cy.loclBGR, ge-cy.loclSRB.

Is this necessary? If yes, why? Couldn’t I delete the obsolete glyphs and change the locl-feature in a way, that I only need these glyphes once?

They are not identical. Look here:

Ok. In my font most of them would look identical, because it’s a rather technical grid-font, but I will think about it.


What are the sets Bulgarian Italic and Serbian Italic exactly for?
Do I need them for a non-italic font?

That are special shapes for italic fonts that are different for those languages. So you don’t need them.

OK, but one thing I still don’t understand:

If I add all cyrillic/basic glyphs (67), 41 of them appear in bulgarian and even more (50) in bulgarian italic. If I also add all remaining bulgarian glyphs, then 66 of 67 appear in bulgarian italic. There’s only one glyph (iigrave-cy) left to be added in bulgarian italic

Does that mean, that I only don’t need this single glyph (iigrave-cy)? So, why do 66 glyphs appear in bulgarian italic?

In the case of serbian and macedonian it seems clear and more logical to me: I add 68 glyphs, and none of them appear in serbian italic. There are only five serbian italic glyphs.

Maybe I do not understand your question. It is not unthinkable that there are overlaps between glyph lists, is it?

If they have the same shape in your design, you can simply leave out the dot-suffixed variants.

My initial question was, what these italic glyphs are for and if I need them for a non-italic font. Georg wrote:

That are special shapes for italic fonts […]. So you don’t need them.

For me that means, I don’t need all the italic glyphs for a straight font. But I don’t believe, that I can delete 67 glyphs. So my question still is: why appear so many glyphs in bulgarian/italic, if these glyphs are »special shapes for italic fonts«?

I tried to explain that there are overlaps between the listings. Many of those are in more than one list, of course.

Bulgarian Upright and Bulgarian Cyrillic require different sets. This is explained in the article I posted above. The trouble is that there are some special shapes in upright that are not necessary in italic (ii-cy.loclBGR, iishort-cy.loclBGR, iigrave-cy.loclBGR, pe-cy.loclBGR, te-cy.loclBGR, tse-cy.loclBGR, sha-cy.loclBGR, shcha-cy.loclBGR, softsign-cy.loclBGR, hardsign-cy.loclBGR). So ignore the Bulgarian Italic set, and just add the upright, and in your case, get rid of all dot-suffixed glyphs.