Multiple installations of the same plugin

It seems that some users experience problems, with apparently multiple instances of the same plugins installed:

Any suggestions how they can fix this, or how the problem can be avoided altogether?

Maybe Glyphs should check for existing Plugins of the same name (not just file name) on install?


The Glyphs UI should show the version number of each plugin, and have options to ‘disable’ and ‘uninstall’ items.

I’m working to improve this. I hope I have something soon.

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I’m promted to update Font Remix Tools every time I start Glyphs, even though I’ve installed the latest version already. The Addons panel shows 7 versions of Font Remix tools, without version numbers. There are no way to delete old versions.

You can check this using Cmd-Shift-Y, then look into the “Plugins” folder. There you will probably find the several versions of RMX.

The problem is that Glyphs only overwrites existing versions of a plugin if it has the same name. In order to avoid this problem, you should not rename the RMX.glyphsFilter (although it would make perfect sense to do so).

As I suggested above, ideally, this problem should be addressed by Georg, not the maker of the plugin or the user. Glyphs should check for existing plugins of the same name (not just file name) on install – shouldn’t be too difficult to implement.