Multiple Master: add corner to all letters in all masters at same time?

Question: while making a serif type is there a way to add a corner ie “_corner.bottom.left.serif” to all master fonts at the same time??
or even better, add
"" to black letter T,
"_corner.bold.bottom.left.serif" to bold letter T,
and so on.
thank you.

You can do it in one master and then run the Propagate Corner Components script in my repo.




Spoke too soon, using a Multiple Master with 6 fonts, seems it skips some of the letters

Which letters? Are they compatible?

Just realized there were some extra nodes… :facepalm:

Glad to see this thread with the answer I was just looking for.

But I’d still suggest as a built-in feature that holding down Opt would turn “Add Corner” to “Add Corner to All Masters” in the contextual menu, in the same way that Opt turns “Open Corner” to “Open Corners in All Masters.”

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