Multiple Masters Outlines not Compatible

Am fairly new to glyphs and have been trying out multiple masters. I have been following the tutorial of how to fix compatibility and the two masters have the same number of paths, nodes and handles, however as you can see the points interpolate to completely the wrong point.

Maybe this is really simple to fix but can you just select two points from different masters and link them so they interpolate to each other?

Try the menu Paths > Correct Path Direction (Shift-Command-R) on the glyph in each master. In case you’re looking at another tutorial, also take a look through:

The number of the nodes seems to be different. The inside corners in the bold seem to have two points.

Thanks for such quick responses, tried fixing compatibility.

To change number of nodes, would you suggest mekkablues Delete Nodes and Try to Keep script to be best way of solving this?

No, this script only helps with curves. Select a node, tab through the nodes and see if each node connects to the correct node in the other master.

Thank you!