Multiple rlig conditions causing issues

I’ve been trying to setup a VF with 2 rlig conditions: one for switching to currency symbols with a broken bar, and one for switching to a single-storey a when the VF is slanted. Somehow they seem to be over-riding and clashing with each other at the point where the broken bar glyphs switch.

This is my rlig code:

And this is how it behaves in the VF: (1.5 MB)

Am I doing anything wrong here?

You probably need to wrap each set of conditional substitutions in a separate if statement.

No, the #if statements are only hiding the code from static font export.

What version of Glyphs do you have?

I’m on 3.0.5 (3112).
Thanks Georg!

We are looking into this.

Robert, you have to swap your conditions. Glyphs currently keeps the order of any hand-coded conditions, and — as far as the rendering engines are concerned — a more general condition (note the implied axis), if put first, “hides” the more specific one.

Hi Grzegorz, I just tried that and it made the /a swap work across the full wght spectrum, but now the /dollar.bold doesn’t swap at all.

I also just tried removing the rlig condition for the heavy currency symbols, and creating a alternative bracket glyph for each symbol, and it produces the exact same problem.

It would be easier to investigate on the actual .glyphs file. Can you send it privately to Georg? Both the custom rlig version and the bracket layers version, if you still have them around.

Done, thanks!

I’ve fixed it. Should be available with the next update. This was a problem on our side, not with the conditions themselves, so you can keep your original setup.

Amazing, thanks for the rapid fix Grzegorz!