Multiple smart components with cap components in multiple master


I have an issue with a smart component with cap component in multiple master.

When I put two or more the smart components with cap components in Light master,
trying to switch to Heavy master, Glyphs crashes.
One is fine.

In addition,
When the start point overlaps with a cap component,
Sometimes there is a phenomenon that control of path doesn’t work correctly.


Which app version?

It’s 1096.

Did you send all crash reports?
And please add your name that I can better find it.

Yes, I send some crash reports several times. (But comment feed was blank)
I’ll send them again with my name.

Are you sure you end the report that comes up when you restart the app?

Regarding Glyphs crushes, it may be a trouble only in my environment.
When I tried it on another Mac, such a phenomenon did not occur,
I ended up re-installing the application after all.
I am sorry to trouble you.

The second problem with the pass control was not resolved.
About the combination of smart component and cap component,
there are other requests, I will also verify and report it to you next time.