My Glyphs autosave in every 20 seconds

My Glyphs are going crazy today, it will autosave when I switch back from AI, and continue autosave in approx every 20 seconds. For the glyphs file is store in a remote server in my company (and I work in home today), it take few seconds to complete this save action every time . I’m already untick the “Use Versions” function, How can I solve this problem?

My System : 10.13.5
My Glyphs : 2.5.1

That is intentional. It should actually save every 10 seconds (if there are changes to the file).

So maybe today your server is much slower then usually that you didn’t see a delay before.

I would not work directly on the server.

It autosave every 10 Seconds ever I turn-off the “Use Versions”?

The “Use versions” feature will actually over-write the original file (and keep older version somewhere else). Without it, it will write to an “(Autosave).glyphs” file next to the .glyphs file.

I really hate this feature! How to stop it? It was crazy — autosave is ok, but I don’t need to rewrite original file. What the stupid idea? Just lost half a day of work because the original file was overwritten with wrong glyphs

What version of Glyphs do you have?
The original file should not be overwritten. The autosave will write to an extra file (with ‘Autosave’ in the name). Except if you enable the save in place in preferences. But then you should be able to use the Versions browser to go back to a previous state. But as this is a bit fragile, we do not recommend it.

Wow, found this option, and unput, but I don’t enable it before. I didn’t even know what that option mean.
I restored my today glyphs, thank you!