My handles are behaving wierd, and "double-bound"


I opened a font in glyphs, and intended to play around and modify it. However, when I seem to open more letters, that are more curved, and thus have more visible handles connected to anchorpoints, they appear to be “double-bound” in such a way that the handle is both connected to an anchorpoint and, then again, on the other side, to another anchorpoint or handle.
In this way it is impossible to modify only one curve at the time, as it is all connected to the next, and I am really annoyed by it, because moving handles around, in order to create/modify curves, is such a fundamental part of of making type in the first place

I tried converting anchorpoints/handles, reversing everything, converting into corners/deconvert again. I have rewatched tutorials and read through forum posts about handles, but I have not been able to find an answer.

Did I simply overlook something fundamental and obvious?
Please see screenshots.

Those are Truetype outlines. Change them to PS: Path > Other > Change to Cubic

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