My new font didn't work in Microsoft Word

after I finish my latest font
I try to test it in Microsoft Word and it doesn’t work
any help !!

What do you mean by not working?

i have new font contain arabic and english glyphs
when i test it in windows just arabic is fine but the english is not working

  • i tested it in win 7 / office 2010 ( just arabic … no english )
  • in win 10 / office 2013 ( just arabic … no english ) again

i can send you the glyphs file open source if you need it
thanks man

Please: How is it not working? What happens when you type something? Do you get a fallback font?

If so, make sure you have the Win1252 charset covered (see the entry in the sidebar).

this is the problem

*the exported font work good in mac OS in all program ( word - excel - AI - PS - IN )
all problem in windows

  • the font name ( PNU )

It falls back to Calibri because it is missing Latin characters in your font file. Did you cover the Win1252 in your font? Including nbspace and softhyphen?

no I didn’t … I think I need to complete the full font
thank you Rainer :heart:

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